eSolidar, the place for people to support the charities they really care about.

Who we are

We are a dynamic team that is passionate about developing technology and creating social impact. Our focus is to harness these tools to create an online community that benefits charities around the world.

eSolidar is an innovative online platform for people to support the causes they really care about.

It is our goal at eSolidar to be the all-encompassing way for charities to fundraise online in a timely and cost-effective way, creating an online community that can help charities from the bottom up.

What sets us apart

We bring a supportive community together in one convenient place. We are committed to transparency and the communities we serve.

We also ensure each charity on our site is a registered charity by closely inspecting their credentials. Furthermore, our team reviews each mission statement to ensure it upholds eSolidar’s high standards of probity, inclusivity and philanthropy.

We guarantee the compliance of all charities registered in eSolidar through a demanding process, ensuring that they are legally established, operating with a social purpose and that do not have anything to do with hate, violence or illegal activity.

How it works

The registration of users and charities and the use of the platform are free. A small fee on each item sold, donations and the total amount raised in a supportive auction will be charged.

Our platform offers a multitude of services for charities and users. This includes our premiere service which includes the setup and management of charity auctions. Throughout this process we liaise with celebrities and managers, distribute press releases, facilitate tiered marketing campaigns, launch media promotions and inform users to foster more fundraising for each auction we oversee.

Our fees foster the proliferation of a dedicated and relentless team, who provide marketing services, legal assistance and technical development and support with no annual fee. Our services aim to help thousands of charities sustainably fundraise and assist them in the fulfilment of their missions.

Our service fees go toward:

  • Providing support to charities and users. Our staff are available around the clock to help charities set up online shops and establish a platform so that you can get the most from our site.
  • Transparency and monitoring. We are committed to providing a hassle-free experience that is appropriately monitored. Our team works around the clock to ensure high security standards and invests in the latest technological safeguards to ensure your data is protected.
  • Innovation. eSolidar is constantly discovering new ways for you to fundraise on our platform. As a valued member of our site, we are committed to creating innovative fundraising mechanisms at the lowest cost possible.

How to get involved

We develop a social mindset to create and capture value for charities

Purchase products from charities to support their mission
Buy, sell and contribute to a charitable cause
Bid on exclusive items and experiences whose proceeds go to those most in need

750 charities already benefit from eSolidar

Charities often dedicate the bulk of their time and resources to fundraising, which can inhibit them from achieving their goals.


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